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Experienced Guidance For A Variety Of Legal Concerns

Mike Rothman of the Law Office of Michael S. Rothman is an attorney with decades of experience serving the various legal needs of individuals and businesses in Maryland and in the District of Columbia. In addition to providing skilled criminal defense counsel, he provides guidance to individuals who need honest and straightforward guidance for various business law matters.


At our law firm, your success is our goal. Whether you need a strong legal ally when facing serious criminal charges or you need guidance regarding the full protection of your business interests, we are on your side.

Legal Guidance For Your Business

We understand the complications of owning and operating a business and how difficult it can be to adhere to government policies and regulations. We can ensure that your company meets specific requirements, and we can also ensure that your company takes appropriate measures to protect your property and your future financial interests. We can provide knowledgeable and straightforward guidance in the following matters:

   Adherence with various regulations and laws for the operation of a business in Maryland

   Protection of your company’s intellectual property and proprietary information, as well as dispute resolution in infringement matters

   Litigation and complications regarding regulatory compliance and the protection of your rights in these matters

Operating a business of any type or size comes with various legal matters that can have a direct impact on your future success and the continuation of your operations. It is beneficial to have guidance regarding these important and complex concerns from a knowledgeable and competent legal ally.


We also provide guidance to individuals and companies looking to enter the medical cannabis field. Due to changing laws, strict regulations and other complicating factors, entrepreneurs should operate with the benefit of experienced legal guidance that is familiar with the issues that exist in the medical cannabis field.

Understanding Your Legal Options

Our firm offers free initial case evaluations, and you can contact us at (301) 251-9660 or reach out online to make an appointment. We are happy to discuss your concerns and help you understand your legal options and rights.