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What Will Allegations Of Domestic Violence Mean For You?

Allegations of domestic violence are quite serious, and unfounded claims can have a significant impact on your life. At the Law Office of Michael S. Rothman, we understand the grave nature of these types of charges, and we work diligently to help Washington, D.C., and Maryland clients confront these allegations and defend themselves against any charges.


Charges of domestic violence can impact your access to your children and various other areas of your life. An arrest will result in a temporary restraining order or civil protection order, as well as other immediate consequences. Our experienced defense attorney Mike Rothman can help you mitigate the impact of these charges and develop a defense strategy that suits your individual objectives.

The Immediate Impact Of Protective Orders

In Maryland, individuals arrested for domestic violence will be subject to a temporary restraining order, called a civil protection order in the District of Columbia. Even though the orders are temporary while the case is under investigation, it could mean the following for you:

  • Unable to return to your home

  • Loss of access to your children

  • No contact of any kind with specific individuals

Violating A Protective Order Leads To More Criminal Charges

Violating a protective order can result in additional penalties and new charges. As soon as possible after an arrest or learning of a restraining order against you, we can take quick action on your behalf. We will help you understand the importance of compliance with the order and how you can protect your interests, as well as develop a sound defense against any violent crime charges against you.

Experienced Defense Counsel On Your Side

Our lawyer knows the complexity of domestic violence cases and the complications it can bring to your life. You have the right to defend yourself, push back against any allegations made against you and pursue a beneficial outcome. Our goal is to preserve your interests and provide sound, straightforward legal counsel during this difficult time.


You can learn more about defense strategies for domestic violence charges and compliance with a temporary restraining order or civil protection order by reaching out to our Rockville firm. We offer free initial evaluations for cases involving allegations of assault and abuse. You can schedule yours by calling (301) 251-9660 or sending an email for more information.