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Federal Crimes

Maryland Federal Crimes Defense Attorney

At the Law Office of Michael S. Rothman, we defend clients charged with all types of federal crimes. Those convicted of a federal offense face potentially life-changing consequences, including incarceration, loss of freedoms, including the ability to travel, loss of one’s right to own a firearm, to name just a few. No matter the situation, we will protect the rights of our clients and provide them with the aggressive representation they require during these difficult and stressful times.

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Types of Federal Cases

We defend clients in Maryland, and the District of Columbia, charged with the following:

  • Federal drug crimes – Manufacturing, sales, distribution, and possession

  • Internet and cyber crimes – Identity theft, Internet fraud

  • Fraud – Mail fraud, government fraud

  • White collar crimes – Embezzlement, money laundering

  • Sex crimes

  • Gun or firearm crimes

The consequences of a federal conviction are severe. Individuals face large fines, prison time, a permanent criminal record and much more. In addition, those convicted of a sex offense may have to register with the National Sex Offender Registry.


A Lawyer Who Understands the Federal System


There are many differences between state and federal criminal cases, including:

  • Differences in jury selection;

  • Differences in bond;

  • Differences in jurisdiction;

  • Differences in penalties; and

  • Use of Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Those facing federal charges are best served working with a defense lawyer who understands the complexities of the federal system. I have extensive experience handling cases at the federal level and navigating the complicated Federal Sentencing Guidelines. If you are facing federal charges, I will put my full knowledge and experience into building your defense.