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Fight Back Against Allegations Of Sex Crimes

If you are convicted of any type of sex crime, it could result in a mandatory lifetime of having to register as a sex offender. This could impact your future employment opportunities, your housing options and much more, in addition to the criminal penalties that come with a conviction. If you have been accused of internet-based sex crimes, it is critical to mount a strong defense and take immediate action to protect yourself.


The Law Office of Michael S. Rothman provides highly effective defense counsel to individuals facing complex criminal charges of a sexual nature. You have the right to a strong defense, and we will fight to protect your constitutional rights, no matter the type of charges against you. Our attorney’s decades of criminal defense experience, trial skills and commitment to your needs allow him to provide the support and guidance you deserve.

A Strong Defense Against Internet Crimes

Criminal cases involving a person’s alleged wrongdoing on the internet are complex, especially when sex crimes are being investigated. In these cases, it is beneficial to work with an attorney who understands the importance of computer forensics. We help individuals effectively confront charges related to the following:

  • Downloading sexual images of children

  • Using the internet to solicit a minor (solicitation of a minor)

  • Possession of or sharing pornography depicting minors

It is important to take quick action after the filing of any charge related to internet sex crimes. This is your only opportunity to fight against placement on the sex offender registry. If placed on this list, the government can control where you live, work and even socialize. We understand what is at stake for you, and we will strive to build the strongest defense possible.

When Your Future Is At Stake, We Are On Your Side

Complex and difficult cases do not intimidate us. If you are facing charges for internet sex crimes or you are under investigation, you will find it beneficial to start working on your defense as soon as possible. Our lawyers represent clients in Washington, D.C., and in Maryland.


Taking quick action is an important step toward protecting your future interests. Contact our Rockville office at (301) 251-9660 or email us for an evaluation of your case at no obligation to you.