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Effectively Confronting Charges Of Fraud

Fraud is a type of white collar crime, and like other types of financial crime, it can bring penalties that will result in expensive fines and loss of your personal freedom. We understand the significance of these penalties and what they can mean for your future, which is why the Law Office of Michael S. Rothman is committed to providing the carefully prepared and strong defense you deserve.


Since 1999, we have been providing individuals in the District of Columbia and throughout Maryland with qualified guidance and knowledgeable defense counsel when facing any type of white collar crime.

Defending The Career And Reputation You Worked To Build

You worked hard to build your career and cultivate your professional reputation. Allegations of fraud and criminal charges can disrupt your career and destroy what you worked so hard to develop. White collar crime charges can jeopardize your professional licenses, client base, certifications and more. We know what is at stake, and he provides an effective defense for individuals facing the following:

  • Internal theft

  • Identity theft

  • Internet fraud

  • Mail fraud

  • Wire fraud

  • Internal accounting fraud

  • Embezzlement

  • Forgery

  • Money laundering

Fraud cases take a long time to develop, and the investigative period can be lengthy. We will use this time to create the most effective strategy that allows for the protection of your rights and future. Whether you are already facing charges or believe you could be subject to an investigation in the future, we can take measures to shield your constitutional rights. Our attorneys are ready to start building the defense you deserve.

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