Breaking up and false claims of abuse

On our site, we have gone over many of the challenges that people face when domestic violence allegations arise.

The consequences of these claims can shatter a person’s life permanently, affecting their career, their ability to see their kids and their reputation. Unfortunately, many people have found themselves in this position over completely fabricated allegations, and our law office realizes how devastating these cases can be. In this blog, we will look into some of the reasons why these claims may arise after a relationship falls apart.


Whether someone breaks up with their boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, their ex may accuse them of abuse for a lot of different reasons, even if no abuse occurred in the first place. For example, they may have hard feelings regarding the end of the relationship, and they may want to shatter their former partner’s life. Or, they may want to gain an edge in a custody battle. After all, if a kid’s other parent is believed to have been responsible for domestic violence, this can significantly impact their ability to maintain a relationship with their child.


Handling false allegations of abuse can be very difficult, especially with the stigma surrounding these charges. Some people feel voiceless and have no confidence in their ability to defend themselves and bring out the truth. However, doing so is crucial, especially with so much on the line.


Those who have been wrongly accused of abuse should immediately look into their legal rights and cover the different options they may have. Sadly, many more lives will be ruined over these false claims.



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