If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense such as a drug crime, white collar crime, or cyber crime, hiring a criminal defense attorney near Rockville is the best way to protect your legal rights.

Depending on the circumstances, you may first meet with your lawyer while still in police custody. Or, you may arrange for legal representation after you’ve been released on bail. If the circumstances allow you to do so, you should spend a little time preparing for your meeting.


You’ll Discuss the Alleged Incident

Much of the time will be spent discussing the incident for which you’ve been arrested. Everything you tell your attorney is held in confidence. That means your lawyer will not tell the police officers anything you’ve told him or her, unless you’ve instructed your lawyer to do so. Furthermore, your attorney cannot discuss the case with anyone else. This should assure you that you can be perfectly honest with your lawyer. It’s important to avoid withholding any information regarding your case, since this may jeopardize your defense.


You’ll Share Other Relevant Information and Documents

In addition to discussing the alleged incident and the charges against you, your lawyer may ask you for other relevant information. For example, he or she may ask you about the arrest procedure, such as whether the police officers may have used excessive force or otherwise violated your legal rights. Your attorney will need names and contact information for any witnesses to the incident. He or she may also request relevant documents, such as your arrest records and paperwork from the police officers. If possible, bring any evidence that may support your case, such as photographs or emails.


You May Ask Some Questions

You may have some questions for your criminal defense attorney. Feel free to bring a list of your questions to the consultation. You might ask about how the lawyer plans to approach your case and what some possible defenses to the charges might be. You could also ask the attorney’s opinion on the merits of your case and what the most likely outcome might be.



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