What to do when you are wrongly accused of a crime?

While it is hoped that you never have to face being wrongly accused of a crime, it is something that can happen in Maryland.

Those who uphold and prosecute the law are human and as such can make a mistake. If you find yourself facing charges for a crime you did not commit, it is essential that you keep a clear head about the situation and handle things in a proper way. Getting upset and creating turmoil usually will not end well for you.


Black’s Law Dictionary explains you need to immediately pay attention to the rights you have when being arrested. This means the right to remain silent and a right to an attorney. You should not supply any information other than your name. You do not have to answer questions. The one thing you should do is ask for an attorney. Do not talk until your attorney is present.


You do not have to agree to searches either. Unless law enforcement has a warrant, you have a right to say you do not agree to any search. Do not resist or try to stop law enforcement. Just make your voice heard and tell them you do not consent.


You should also pay attention. Commit to your memory what happened during the incident in question. Make sure you have a clear picture of what really happened. Note any possible witnesses that can collaborate your version of events.


The bottom line is that you have to trust in the law and the legal process. You need to fight for yourself, but also avoid doing anything that could get you more charges, such as resisting arrest. This information is for education and is not legal advice.



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