State law deals very harshly with individuals convicted of identity theft. If you’ve been accused of this serious crime, contact a defense lawyer to start building a white collar defense in the Maryland and D.C. areas.

Identity theft is a type of crime in which an individual is accused of stealing someone else’s personal information and using it for deceptive or fraudulent purposes. Typically, identity theft involves the use of this information for financial gain.


For example, you might require a white collar defense from a skillful criminal attorney if you’ve been accused of stealing someone else’s credit card number and using that information to make purchases. Identity theft might also involve the theft of another person’s Social Security number, bank account number, or phone calling card number. Sometimes, identity thieves are accused of taking out bank loans or even mortgages under another person’s name. Experts warn that some identity thieves have been accused of filing a false income tax return to obtain someone else’s tax refund.



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