What Are the Different Types of Cybercrime?

Cyber crime near Rockville is an even bigger risk now because of the sheer number of connected people and devices.

The simplest definition of cyber crime is a crime involving some kind of computer or cyber aspect. From there, cyber crime can take a variety of unique shapes and formats, which depend on the skill-set and goals of the cyber criminals.


Type One

The first type of cyber crime is a single event from the perspective of the victim. For example, a victim may unknowingly download a Trojan horse virus, which installs a keystroke logger on the user’s machine. The keystroke logger is how the hacker steals private data, such as Internet banking and email passwords. Phishing is another common form of Type One cyber attack, which involves the victim receiving a supposedly legitimate email. This email will often claim to be from a bank or credit card company and includes a link to the hostile website. Once the victim clicks the link, the PC can be infected with a virus.


Type Two

Type Two cybercrimes tend to be more serious in nature. They cover cyber stalking, harassment, child predation, extortion and blackmail. In most Type Two cybercrimes, they are on-going series of events, with repeated interactions with the target. For example, the perpetrator may contact the victim in a chat room. Eventually, the criminal will exploit the relationship. More often than not, the crime is facilitated through programs that do not fit under the classification crime ware. For example, the conversations may take place by instant messaging clients or transferring files through FTP.


The Stats

Currently, cybercrime surpasses illegal drug trafficking as a criminal moneymaker. Additionally, someone’s identity is stolen every three seconds because of a cybercrime, according to Norton.com. The computer or device may be the agent of the crime, the facilitator of the crime, or the target of the crime. The crime may take place on the computer alone or in addition to other locations. Though cybercrimes are often associated with copyright infringement, they also include bullying and cyber stalking.



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