Cyber crimes are considered to be any criminal offense that is committed through the use of computers or other technology.

Additionally, the criminal activity must have taken place via the Internet or another virtual setting. If you’ve been accused of a cyber crime near Rockville or you suspect you might be under investigation, you have the right to retain the services of an attorney. A criminal lawyer can help you understand the charges against you and develop solid legal strategies for your defense.


Identity Theft

In recent years, incidences of identity theft have skyrocketed, thanks to the use of technology. Identity theft doesn’t always constitute a cyber crime. For example, an individual could physically steal a credit card from a wallet and use it illegally, rather than obtaining the credit card number by hacking a website. The theft of another person’s sensitive information is considered to be a “gateway crime” because this information is used to perpetrate another crime such as credit card fraud or tax refund fraud. Accused identity thieves are often alleged to have opened a line of credit, purchased a house, obtained medical care, or even obtained employment with the use of another individual’s personal information.


Sex Crimes

Sex crimes aren’t restricted to rape, indecent exposure, and similar reprehensible offenses. They can also be committed via the Internet. An example of a cyber sex crime is producing, transmitting, receiving, or possessing child pornography. It is even illegal to carry out any of these acts with digitally produced images that appear to be real children, even if they are not. Another type of Internet sex crime is solicitation of a minor. For example, an adult may “meet” a minor in an Internet chat room and lure that minor to a real-world meeting place.


Tax Refund Fraud

Tax refund fraud is a growing concern for Americans. It involves the theft of an individual’s name, Social Security number, and other personal information. Sometimes, identity thieves steal the information of deceased individuals. Then, the criminal creates a fraudulent tax return that will result in a substantial refund. The tax return is then electronically filed and the criminal receives the refunds on a debit card, directly deposited into a bank account, or from a mailed check.



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