The emotional side of drunk driving charges

When people think about the consequences of being pulled over for driving drunk, they often focus on the penalties of this offense (such as losing driving privileges, paying costly fines and even serving time in prison).

While these are all major issues that need to be reviewed closely by those facing DUI charges, a lot of other problems can arise for people in this position. For example, the emotional impact of a drunk driving case can be absolutely devastating. Someone going through this may lose interest in various facets of their life, which may cause their job performance to suffer or get in the way of their personal relationships or college education.


Not only can negative emotions from a drunk driving case interfere with one’s current life, but it may impact their opportunities down the road. This can lead to long-term depression and anxiety. Even from a short-term perspective, drunk driving charges can leave people with a considerable amount of uncertainty, stress and depression. Those facing charges may be unable to fall asleep at night and they may give up on dreams and ambitions that they had been pursuing.


In the digital era, these charges can haunt people permanently, especially if they are a celebrity or politician. Even those who are simply popular in their local community for one reason or another may have their reputation destroyed beyond repair after being pulled over for driving drunk. We understand how challenging the emotional fallout of DUI charges can be, but it is pivotal for those facing such a case to explore their legal options.



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