Putting Up Your Defenses Against Insurance Fraud

Many people who consult a criminal defense attorney regarding a white collar crime such as insurance fraud were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Their white collar defense in the Maryland and D.C. areas may determine that the insurance agent actually perpetrated insurance fraud, rather than the insured individual. Regardless, acts of insurance fraud are not victimless crimes, since they drive up insurance premiums for all insured individuals. You can help stop insurance fraud by reporting suspicious activity promptly to your insurance company or to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.


To avoid the need to consult a criminal defense attorney, never purchase insurance policies from unlicensed agents. Defense attorneys recommend checking the status of insurance agents through your state’s insurance office. Additionally, never give out your insurance identification number to anyone you aren’t familiar with. Be wary of any unusual notices from your insurance company, even if your insurance agent claims the notice was a mistake.