Talk to a DWI/DUI attorney in the Maryland and D.C. areas if you have been charged with drunk driving. Your DUI lawyer can help you understand the nature of the specific charges against you.

He or she can also answer any questions you may have regarding the potential penalties you may face upon conviction. Your criminal defense lawyer can advise you that you can expect to face administrative penalties, incarceration, and fines.


Chemical Test Refusal Penalties

Maryland DUI law includes a provision for implied consent. This means that Maryland drivers are presumed to have given their consent for a chemical test if they’re driving on roadways within the state. Your criminal defense attorney would likely recommend that you take the test when asked by a police officer, since refusal to do so results in automatic penalties. Your driver’s license can be automatically revoked. Additionally, if you’re convicted of DUI and you refused the test, you can expect to pay up to $500 in additional fines. You’ll also be required to serve a two-month jail sentence.


Administrative Penalties

Even if you did not refuse the chemical test, a DUI conviction will result in administrative penalties. First-time DUI offenders in Maryland will have their license revoked for six months and they will receive 12 points on their license. First-time DWI offenders will have their licenses suspended for 60 days and they will receive eight points on their license.


Jail Time

As your DUI lawyer can inform you, Maryland law deals with drunk driving very harshly. If you’ve been convicted of your first DUI offense, you could be facing up to a year behind bars. A first conviction of a DWI offense could result in up to 60 days in jail.



Having a drunk driving conviction on your record is costly. The court can order you to pay up to $1,000 in fines for your first DUI conviction. You could be required to pay up to $500 for your first DWI conviction. Additionally, you’ll likely be dealing with other expenses, such as legal fees and higher auto insurance premiums, along with the cost of transportation while your driver’s license is suspended or revoked.



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