Overcoming violent tendencies to regain others’ trust

When people choose to act violently toward others, their behavior is often a reflection of past experiences that have contributed to shaping the way they react to stress and anger.

For many people who are charged with domestic violence in Maryland, there is a more severe, underlying problem that ultimately triggered their response to a situation that may have otherwise been solved much more peacefully and kindly. 


Some of the risks that contribute to violent behavior include mental illness, psychological disorders, exposure to violence as a child, having experienced bullying or other abuse, traumatic brain injuries and personality disorders among other things. When people are able to receive a timely and thorough diagnosis for related problems and incorporate appropriate interventions into their life in an effort to subdue their violent tendencies, they may be able to overcome the temptation to react with violence if they are in a situation where they feel intense emotions. 


Even when people have been charged with a violent crime, it is not the end of the world. Their effort to change unhealthy ways of coping and replace them with realistic methods of managing stress and anger can help them to eventually regain the trust of others and maintain healthy, rewarding relationships. According to Psychology Today, one way that people can support their efforts to relearn coping mechanisms is to participate in activities that bring them joy, relieve stress and bring fulfillment to their life. Used in conjunction with therapy, physical activity and other healthful habits, people can change the way they are prone to react. 


Healthline.com suggests that one thing people can do in the ongoing process to forgive themselves is to let go of negative mental self-talk. Creating new goals for themselves and relationships that are important to them can help them to work toward regaining the trust of others. When they can demonstrate that they have changed and have opportunities to show that the ways they cope have also changed, they may be able to prove to others that their changes are permanent. 



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