Most common types of federal crimes

Finding yourself facing federal charges is a serious matter. It is never a good feeling to have the law against you and be facing possible time away from loved ones, high amounts of legal fees/fines and more.

Any type of legal trouble can hurt your reputation in society and alter your course in life. However, there are some charges in our country that are linked to more serious consequences than others.


When you are charged with a federal crime, you can expect the punishments to be severe when found guilty. Without strong legal defense at the federal level, you are at high-risk for losing your freedom and rights.


Common types of federal charges include:

  • Drug crimes (distributing, selling, possession, etc.)
  • Online crimes (internet fraud, identity theft, etc.)
  • White collar crimes (tax evasion, embezzlement, money laundering, etc.)
  • Sex crimes
  • Illegal gun/firearm activity


The federal system is more complex when navigating the law and petitioning your case before the judge. A highly skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid serious long-term consequences. However, cooperation is a must. You must work in partnership with your legal defense team to gridlock your strategy. Planning a winning defense from the beginning involves full-transparency and a willingness to trust the overall process.


State and federal crimes are treated differently with the type of jury selected, bond amounts, penalties and jurisdiction limits. The complexity of how your criminal charges are processed may appear overwhelming. However, there is help and hope to fight for your freedom and protect your reputation.



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