How likely is it that Maryland will legalize marijuana?

In states where marijuana is legal for medicinal and recreational use, there has been a lot of work to release people convicted of marijuana-related crimes and to clear the records of those who, under the new laws, would not have committed a crime.

This is incredibly appealing if you have a low-level marijuana charge on your criminal history. So, you may wonder how likely it is that Maryland will soon legalize this drug for all uses.


According to The Baltimore Sun, you probably should not get your hopes up because it is not looking like the state will soon legalize marijuana for recreational use. Lawmakers are moving rather slowly to investigate how legalization will impact the state and whether it is in the best interests of citizens. There is no current legislation on the table to even suggest they are moving towards legalization.


The legalization of the drug for medical use is still in the early stages, which means lawmakers want to monitor it and gather more information about the sale and use of marijuana for medicinal purposes before even looking at recreational use. They want to see that the medical side of things runs smoothly and handle any issues before they go any further.


Legalizing the drug for recreational use would require a lot of work.  Lawmakers will need to consider sales restrictions, growing operations and sale tax. Not to mention that many states with legalization have struggled with issues of drugged driving, which lawmakers in Maryland want to have a plan in place to handle prior to legalization in the state. Furthermore, your concern about expunging your criminal record is another concern they want to handle before moving forward.



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