How to get help for neighborhood crime accusations

Many crimes are on the increase, and America’s tight economy may stretch city budgets in your town to the limit.

Your local and state law enforcement departments are feeling the pinch as they struggle to investigate expanding crime reports without additional officers. Unfortunately, people who work under extra pressure with heavy schedules can make errors.


You have the right to defend yourself if police accuse or arrest you for allegedly committing a crime. It is vital to protect the good reputation you have worked hard to earn.


Law enforcement report of crimes in Rockville

Due to confidentiality laws, you may not always hear about crimes that occur where you live. However, your Rockville City Police Department posts a weekly crime report on its law enforcement website.


You might want to know about recent police arrests plus unsolved crimes in Rockville during the last two weeks of May, 2019:

  • Motor vehicle vandalism on Rollins Avenue
  • Assault and disorderly conduct on Maryland Avenue; assault on Martin’s Lane
  • Illegal possession of weapons and ammunition by a minor on First Street
  • Citizen attacked by five suspects in Gibbs Street elevator
  • Catalytic converter thefts on Richard Montgomery Drive and Jefferson Street
  • Home invasion plus theft of property at Cabin John Parkway residence
  • Theft of auto and house keys with attempted home invasion at Tall Grass Court


The Rockville City Police Department posts witness descriptions of suspects, along with the type of crime, date and street address. Innocent people may face arrest simply because they fit the general description of a crime suspect.


Often, innocent juveniles may get into trouble simply by being with a group of friends who do something wrong. The laws typically allow for the fact that your young son or daughter can make impulsive errors; teenagers do not have fully developed abilities to exercise good judgment. Rather than sentence your child to live with a criminal record, a judge can remand a juvenile to educational programs and community service. With experienced legal representation, you can learn the options available and receive counsel on which one best works for your situation.



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