How to act at a DUI checkpoint

The state of Maryland regularly sets up DUI checkpoints to catch drunk drivers before they cause any harm.

You can find a list of all past checkpoints online, but instead of simply avoiding these areas, you should take care never to get behind the wheel when intoxicated.


Regardless of how much you have had to drink, it is paramount to get through these checkpoints the right way. Giving the officer any idea of how much you drank will delay your travels, so it is best to act in the following way to avoid police questioning and a potential DUI.


Do not give up any information you do not have to

When you pull up to the police officer, you should roll down the window the entire way. You should provide the officer with your driver’s license and vehicle registration right away. You must provide your name, but you do not have to give much more than that. The cop may ask you if you had anything to drink that night, and you do not have to answer that question if you do not want to. Any information you provide now could go against you later.


Have some patience

DUI checkpoints often occur on busy stretches of road. It is natural to feel angry when you see one up ahead, but you want to maintain your cool. Getting angry will only make the officers think you are under the influence. Additionally, you do not want to pull a U-turn to avoid the checkpoint. Cops often have associates watching out for these cars.


Remember your rights

You have constitutional rights at any checkpoint. For example, police officers cannot search your vehicle without a warrant or reasonable cause. If an officer asks to search your car, then you can politely refuse. This is your right, so you should not feel like you must comply with any unreasonable requests.



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