Being charged with a crime is a serious matter. Because an arrest often leads to heightened emotions for the defendant, he or she may be more apt to make critical mistakes that may jeopardize his or her defense.

Fortunately, a criminal lawyer near Rockville can help defendants avoid these serious mistakes. The criminal lawyer will also ensure that the defendant’s legal rights are upheld.


Protesting the Arrest

It is never in your best interests to protest the arrest or to try to resist in any way. This will only lead to additional criminal charges. Depending on the circumstances, you may even be charged with assaulting an officer. Dealing with one criminal charge is already going to be difficult enough for you. Your attorney would advise you to remain calm throughout the arrest and booking process, and to be compliant with the officers.


Providing Answers and Explanations

Being compliant with the police officers means providing your full name, address, and similar basic information about yourself. However, you should never discuss the alleged incident or your whereabouts while the alleged incident was taking place. In fact, you should never answer any of the officer’s questions about the incident or attempt to provide an explanation for it. Even if you do have a perfectly logical explanation, you will not be released from jail because of it. Instead, whatever you say to the police officers can be used to prosecute you.


Failing to Hire an Attorney

You should only answer the police officers’ questions in the presence of your attorney. Unfortunately, many people fail to hire a lawyer or delay hiring a lawyer. Delays in arranging legal representation can mean that your legal rights have been compromised. Some defendants make the mistake of admitting to certain offenses after having been reassured by the officers that they won’t suffer harsh consequences if they do so. You should be aware that it is legal for a police officer to mislead a suspect during an interrogation. The only effective way to protect yourself is to hire an attorney immediately.



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