Assault on law enforcement officer leads to calls for stricter laws

When it comes to violent crimes, there is a need to protect the public with strict laws and penalties. Some feel the laws in place currently in Maryland do not do enough to discourage assaults and other violent crimes.

An incident involving three individuals who law enforcement accuses of assaulting an officer on the job has led to the governor introducing some new legislation to increase penalties for similar crimes.


During the arrest of an individual who had allegedly spit on and assaulting the arresting officer, three other individuals began attacking the officer and trying to force him to release the original suspect. A bystander caught the incident as it took place on video, which is now evidence in the case against the two adults and one juvenile accused in the incident.


The governor feels this incident is just another bad mark on the city when it comes to violent crime. While this crime did not involve firearms, it did lead the governor to reintroduce a bill he had attempted to pass in 2018. The proposed law would increase the penalties for repeat offenders using a firearm in the commission of a crime. It would also add onto the penalties for anyone who destroys the serial number on a firearm or provides a firearm to someone with the intent to commit a crime.


The governor hopes that lawmakers will see there is a violence issue in the city that requires action to stop it. With stricter laws, the hope is to deter crime and keep the city’s streets safer.


Source: The Baltimore Sun



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