Although the Second Amendment to the Constitution grants Americans the right to bear arms, there are limitations on these rights.

If you’re considering purchasing a firearm, you may wish to consult a lawyer in Rockville about current gun laws in Maryland to ensure you remain in compliance. Criminal law in Maryland is among the strictest in the country with regard to the possession of firearms. For example, you must obtain a permit to possess a handgun and the handgun must be registered. Additionally, before purchasing any firearm, you should check Maryland’s registry of regulated firearms to make sure it can be legally sold to you in the state.


If you are not in compliance of Maryland’s gun laws, you’ll need the help of a lawyer to defend yourself against charges such as illegal gun possession, criminal possession of a weapon, or possession of an unregistered gun. Other gun charges include the unlawful possession of ammunition and unlawfully carrying a loaded firearm. The law also prohibits convicted felons from possessing a regulated firearm.

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